Document Management System - Plone 5

I am trying to implement DMS in Plone5 . Can anyone help me with a solution. I am thankful to anyone who replies.

Features for my DMS:

Add and Delete Document
Search document


Workflow management

Any CMS can do this out of the box including Plone. What is the question?

It provides the versioning for the content types how can I provide it for documents alone. Do I need to install any add-on . What is the use of WebDEV

Versioning can be enabled/disabled per content-type.
WebDAV must be enabled as part of the site-configuration.
But Plone is a WebCMS in the first, second and third place.
If you are looking for a full-fledged DMS then check Alfresco.
The purpose of Plone is not to serve as a grave for office documents.
...depends on your individual requirements.

Why does this matter? Do your own research.

here are some base packages for dms management but actually only Plone 4. Will be Plone 5 later...

We are using it in public sector for post mail management.
barcode => scan => queueing => plone => metadata => indexation => search and management => response => document generation

Plone is suitable for all the search and specific management parts, that are also specific developments in Alfresco.

Only french demo:


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Plone is not really suitable as decent DMS solution. In particular the limited functionality of ZCatalog, the poor performance for mass documents and mass operations does not fit the requirements of a modern DMS - never did, never will. Using in the Plone in a DMS context is always like living on the edge, dealing with compromises and a lot with love and hate.