Docker and Plone for add-on development

Always store your data on a local FS that you mount into your application as volume.
Never ever store data directly inside a container.

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@Rotonen, what @zopyx said.
We use docker-compose to spin up our stack.
I have a local folder called "data" which stores the filestorage and blobstorage directories.

So everyone here is so far using only overlayfs(2) for mounting volumes to containers?

For anyone who isinterested in this topic, we have an open task in the current GSoC project for this:

Your ideas are highly appreciated!

@pigeonflight @avoinea @svx

Just tuning back into things. Will check out the open issue.

No we only use that sometimes for testing or dev stuff.

We are using S3, Minio and data-containers some of them are running also with postgres instead of zeodb on ZFS.

It really depends on your setup and needs/use-case.