Do we still need portal_modifiers from Products.CMFEditions for Dexterity File type with blobs?

We are using Dexterity File types and have set versioning behavior for them using the workaround in This workaround is not needed anymore since the commit correctly enables the behavior.

We now just hit a wall because our client is trying to upload a 31mb file, and I get a FileTooLargeToVersionError exception. Digging on code, we've found portal_modifier and AbortVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages and SkipVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages, where the maximum recommended value is at most 32,768mb (the default is 26,2144mb, since it represents a represents a 400 element long Pdata list. We can change the value to 32mb and solve this specific case, but any file bigger than this will have the same problem.

This portal_modifier was added in as a workaround for We disabled both modifiers, tested with big dexterity files and the versioning works, but we're not confident about disabling these in production since we're not that experienced in this field and changing things in ZMI that impact ZODB at this level really chills down our spine.

Are these portal_modifiers still needed for Dexterity? For the sake of precaution, should we disable AbortVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages, keep SkipVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages using the default values, and show a message to the user when he's trying to version a file bigger than default that the uploaded file will not be versioned for an usability improvement?