Dist.plone.org migration

Hello all,

Over the last few days, the AI Team worked to migrate https://dist.plone.org to a new home on Linode.

This migration is finished, and DNS already points to the new server. One exception is the content from https://dist.plone.org/media that was moved to https://media.plone.org.

The old server is currently available at https://old_dist.plone.org, but this server will probably be disconnected during this week.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this effort:

  • AI Team members
  • Maurits van Rees
  • Caleb from Six Feet Up

One last thank you goes to Six Feet Up for providing dist.plone.org with a home for so many years.

Érico Andrei


I have access to this machine now.

In the Python spirit of "it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission", I took the liberty of removing all pending releases, because they seemed unneeded: https://dist.plone.org/release/

For example, there was a 4.3.13-pending which will never get turned into an actual 4.3.13: for some reason we skipped ahead to 4.3.14. Anyone who was brave enough to use 4.3.13-pending in production, very likely switched to 4.3.14 years ago.
Also, some symbolic pending links were broken.

What I do wonder, is if 5.1-pending and 5.2-pending should have remained. Is anyone using those? It could be useful to have a package or project tested against 5.2-pending, if that means that currently it points to 5.2.1, and once we have a real 5.2.2-pending, it would point to that. But that is almost the same as 5.2-latest, and would only differ for a few days a year.

Anyway, here is the list of pending releases that I have removed. Actually I have moved them to my home folder, so I can put them back. If anyone actually needs them, just ask.

Mar 28  2017 4.3.13-pending
Sep 10  2017 4.3.16-pending
Jul 20  2018 4.3-pending -> 4.3.18-pending [broken]
Dec 18  2015 5.0.1-pending
Aug  5  2017 5.0.9-pending
Jan  9  2019 5.0-pending -> 5.0.10-pending/ [broken]
Sep  4  2019 5.1.6-pending
Apr 19  2017 5.1b3-pending -> 5.1b3
Jan  8  2019 5.1-pending -> 5.1.6-pending/
Jul 19  2019 5.2.1-pending
Jan 14 02:30 5.2.2-pending
Jan 14 02:30 5.2-pending -> 5.2.2-pending/
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My plan was to start creating the pending folder for the upcoming release early and push package releases into that early and often. The 5.1-pending and 5.2-pending would point at those upcoming releases, so that anyone using them for pre-release testing wouldn't have to update their jobs with each release. I've been bad about keeping on top of those package releases though, so it hasn't been particularly useful yet.

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Funny: the other day I was looking at an older package and it was pointing to the 5.1 pending release, so I updated it. If someone was relying on a pending release in a buildout, they know what they’re doing and can easily obtain the version pins if they need them. Cleanup is good!

I agree with @tkimnguyen
If there is nothing pending, the link should be removed. IMO it is more confusing than it helps. Its good if it breaks - in this case at least.