Diazo rule to do the same as pat inject

Is it possible to have a diazo rule that does the same as pat inject ?

Replace me

I could make a browser view with just #content-core if that is easier

PS: Were is the xsl for Dummies book ?

Aren't you asking for <replace>?

i think so...

This is the use case:
I have a page with references to tables.
I want to have the tables in separate pages (one for each table).
I want to insert them in the page, which I can do with pat-insert, but I need to export the html with the tables in one file.

so I want something like

<replace css-content=".cssclass">
<xsl:value-of select="./@href" "#content-core" />

(or @href/@@somview)
xml was a typo, should be xsl

How about using href? http://docs.diazo.org/en/latest/advanced.html#including-external-content

<replace css:content=".css-class" css:content="#content-core" href="value of href of "a.css-class"/>

is kind of what I want, but it needs to be for every occurence of a.css-class and somehow use the href of every a.css-class.

So I want one rule to include all

<a class="css-class" href="/table1">/table1</a>
<a class="css-class" href="/table2">/table2</a>

into the page

Why can't you use multiple <replace> rules, one for each table reference?

I have 'person a' wring the documents and someone else making the tables, but this is work in progress, so I want a rule that can be used in the future

( I want to tell 'person a': just add 'some syntax to insert table123' and then 'person b' adds 'table123'

Did you figure out a solution for this?