Dexterity title less content creation

I have created a content using dexterity.
I don't want the user to fill the title and summary field.
I reffered

I have used dexterity for content creation and not able to find the
title widget in code explicitly.
Where to find the content title and summary widget, so that I could do
something as in the link .
Thanks in advance.

Title and Desscription are part of the DublinCore behavior. You can disable this behavior but it also contains a number of other sub-behaviors you will then want to re-enable separately, like Categorization etc.

IDublinCore is a bundle of behaviors. If you remove it, you loose a lot of other fields. Since its a bundle, you can remove the whole bundle and add the single behaviors instead. IDublinCore consists of: IOwnership, IPublication, ICategorization, IBasic.

IBasic contains title + description. So removing IDublinCore and add IOwnership, IPublication, ICategorization and replacing IBasic by your own implemenation is what you want.

further reading

Do you have any other fields on which you want the id to be calculated? Every object in Plone needs an id, which is by default calculated from the title. The 'binding' for this caulcation is the INameFromTitle behaviour.

If you don't provide this behaviour iirc you get a random uuid or something as object ID.