Dexterity content types does not appear in the portal-globalnav


I defined some new content types using Dexterity in an add-on created using mr.bob. However, if I use this content types inside a Plone 4.3.6 site that use 2.0.0, then they are not displayed in the portal-globalnav. This issue does not occur in a site that does not use the add-on.

I found another odd behavior when using I created the content types A and B where A and B inherit of Container and Item, respectively. I created an instance a of A and an instance b of B where a is in the root folder of the site and b is inside a. Without the breadcrumbs said "You are in Home / a / b" when I'm in b. However, if I do the same using the breadcrumbs omits a, i.e., said "You are in Home / b".

That sound odd.

Plone has a related feature called "navigation site root", which is available as a behavior for new content types. When a container has "navigation site root" behavior, it itself appear as site root, also resetting portal-globalnav to display its own direct children.

The later odd behavior described should happen, if content type A has navigation site root behavior enabled. creates language specific navigation site root folders into Plone portal root, and automatically redirects browsers from the real site root to the default language folder. Therefore prevents folders directly under the plone portal root being displayed in portal globalnav, effectively allowing each language to have its own globalnav tabs. Yet, a container added direclty under the language folder should be displayed in globalnav.

I upload a code that reproduce the first issue in
Where I must report this issue in Products.CMFPlone or in

File it under please.

It was filed as the issue #174.