Default page not honoured

Hi all

When I select a folder element as the default view for any of my folders, the element is selected but then, if I go to the folder, rather then displaying the default element, the folder keeps listing its content as before.

I say the default element is set because it is stated in /myfolder/manage_propertiesForm; but, on the other side, if I look at the folder contents I should say it is not because I don't see the little red ring close to the default element name and, in fact, the folder bahaviour seems to confirm it.

All of this happens with any folder but the root folder, which is still behaving as expected (it means my homepage is OK).

I am using Plone 4.3.10 (4313) with all updated products/eggs, the sunburst theme and no Diazo themes.

While running in debug mode I don't see any error when I select the default element.

Any idea?

Thank you very much in advance

When I select a folder element as the default view for any of my folders

By default, a folder isn't selectable to use as a default view, so I'm not sure what the normal behavior is when you select a folder.

Is the subfolder using a specific layout that you want used on the parent folder? If so, you would be able to see what is set on /manage_PropertiesForm for the subfolder.

A wild shot: try setting both default_page and default_layout (layout?) to the content items (but as said: I dont think this is the 'correct way'.

there is also a product

that maybe can help

Hi Chrissy, thank you for your answer

I am just trying to select the default element to show as the default view of the folder.

It may be 'page', a 'cover' element or whatever, no matter what it is (but it is not a subfolder, in my case), I have always done it without problem until some months ago...

Thank you Espen for your answer

I already tried to set also default_layout but it is somewhat alternative to default_page: I think default_layout defines the way that a folder lists the elements it contains (eg. standard view, summary view, tabular view, etc.) while default_page is an element inside the folder that you can choose to be shown by default when you access the folder.

Thank you also for the suggestion of collective.folderishtraverse, which I didn't know, but I want to have my Plone folders back to the correct behaviour... :slight_smile:

I think Andrea means "an element in the folder", not the folder itself as default page. This is a more clear sentence:

"When I select an element as the default view for any folder in the site, the element is keep selected. Then, if I view the folder, it keeps listing its content rather then displaying the selected element."

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Hi Andrea,

this is not a standard behavior so I think you have something (a Plone add-on or a customization) that is generating the issue.

Also: are you sing standard Plone folders? Are you trying to select standard Plone contents as folder's default item?

Hi Luca, thanks, I agree the culprit could be an add-on but I have no idea of a way to identify it.

And yes, I am using standard Plone folders and the element I am trying to select as the folder default item is 'page' or 'cover' type.

Try to provide a list of used add-ons, if you are lucky a guy there can suddently have an idea :slight_smile:

This works, so can you try it on your zope:

  1. Add site
  2. add folder 'frontfolder
  3. add a page inside frontfolder (mypage)
  4. set view of frontfolder to mypage
  5. test that it works http://ip/8080/frontfolder
  6. go to /frontfolder/manage_propertiesForm and add 'default_page' 'my page' in the ZMI

This works with a basic 4.3 setup, with no add-ons (on OS X )