DataGridField Demo issues

Good day,

I'm having trouble getting the c.z3cform.datagridfield to work. I created a new 4.3.7 instance with just this product and the demo product but couldn't save the data on the form.

I then forked the branch here , and because of my use case I added a profile and a person type and an AddForm but still no luck.

Does anyone have the demo working?

All help appreciated.

Kind regards,
Lunga Baliwe

Be sure to check the versions. (pin z3cform.datagridfield to 1.1). Also: be sure that you install the product (the usual way), not just use the widget. (If you dont install it, the js that 'takes care of the saving' does not load

If it does not look like the screenshot, the JS is not loaded and saving will not work

Hi - it's not clear what's not working - please provide more details such as the specific behaviour when the form wouldn't save data. Good guidelines for providing information when asking for help are at