Customizing the toolbar TTW

What's the right way to customize the Plone toolbar through the web (TTW)?
I'd like to add an additional entry to the toolbar or will I need to go to the filesystem for this?

I don't believe there is a way currently. Even in the filesystem its not that easy. You don't get full flexibilty over the order for example.
You can add items to the actions menu I believe.
I would add a github issue about not being able to configure this in site setup.

A way to manage it through the registry and bring forward a control panel in site setup would be nice. Just working out a few implementation ideas

You can still use portal_actions to add a toolbar item.

@pigeonflight converting the toolbar to being managed by the registry would be nice. Plip it!

Woo! I'm on a roll :slight_smile:
Too late to throw it a summer of code student though.

Here's the PLIP (work in progress)