Customize favicon

My previous post referred me to the topic how-to-customize-the-favicon-of-a-plone-5-2-site/9110

The post begins:
"In you theme, modify rules.xml (can also be done in index.html) to something like this:"

How do I locate the correct rules.xml file? locate rules.xml finds many


Do you already have a theme? I think this document assumes you already have a custom theme.
The rules.xml would be part of the custom theme.

the active theme is Barcelona

"this document assumes you already have a custom theme."

I'm thinking Barcelona is not a custom theme, so the instructions
in the document don't apply ... ?

Any guidance on changing favicon when the theme is Barcelona?


On Plone 5.2 you can still make a TTW copy of the default Barceloneta Theme. Go to @@theming-controlpanel to do so.

Next, you can edit the rules.xml file of your copy of the theme, and activate that theme once done.

Or maybe just replace the images in the copied theme?

Instead of copying the theme in the control panel, another option is to download it, then replace the images before uploading it again. This would prevent the theme from being upgraded 'automatically', though.

I copied the theme, go to Site settings -> Theming -> Modify Theme -> rclick on barceloneta-favicon.ico
this offers "Upload Here" -> browse -> select a local file with my favicon

The upload window reports 'File upload failed'
Is there a way to determine why the upload failed?

Upload fails with a security warning
Secure Connection Failed PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR



I have had similar problems, so I would try this:

  1. Download the whole theme
  2. Edit / change the files
  3. zip the folder
  4. Upload the zip file (which replaces the theme)

PS: It is possible to copy the theme with the SAME name (Barceloneta), then you dont have to change any links etc.

UPDATE: I have problems with the theme control panel in Safari (Mac) which are not present in Firefox


Uploading a .zip file fails with a security message,
replacing the barceloneta-favicon.ico via theme
modification also fails.

Is there a way to replace the favicon via the file system
instead of TTW?


Not recommended, but you can replace it in 'buildout-cache/eggs/plonetheme-barceloneta/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/barceloneta-favicon.ico.

It would be better do download the theme and put it in develop/src and change it there, though

I don't know what develop/src refers to ...

As I mentioned, after downloading the theme and
replacing the favicon I've been unable to upload it.
Is that what you mean?

After making a copy of a theme do the files exist in
the file system? I'm guessing they exist in the ZODB

On your file-system, in the folder I mention, you will find the favicon.
If you replace it here, it will show for the theme.
NOTE: Some browsers cache the favicon, so check with another browser if it does not change.

The reason I mention 'src' is because your favicon will be replaced if you upgrade the theme later. If you are SURE you will remember to replace the favicon the next time you upgrade, it is probably OK to do the changes 'like that'.

If you go to your Plone folder on the file system and search for 'favicon' (or barceloneta-favicon), you should find it.

The favicon does NOT exist (as an image) in the ZODB, it is ONLY on the file system.