Customising the Registered Notify template URL


We have an email that goes out when a user is registered on our system and it is customised using Registered notify template with a URL to reset their password initially. However this user registration is moderated and hence an internal admin approves a user which automatically triggers the Registered Notify email template.

The Registered Notify template uses


and unfortunately (or fortunately) we have two Plone URLs (themed version for customers and unthemed version for admins) using the same database.

Admins always tend use the unthemed versions and when they approve users using the unthemed URL, the password reset URL is pointing to the unthemed URL. Is there a way to use the above construct and always retain the themed URL in password reset when approving users through unthemed URL?


with a rewrite rule in your webserver config?

Thanks - its an interesting workaround.

I would prefer not to expose the admin unthemed URL as the users will be sent with that URL in an email.

If there is not other alternative then your suggestion is probably the safest thing to do.