Custom anchor names for edit tabs?

The tabs of the edit form have autogenerated IDs autotoc-item-autotoc-X.
Is there a way to provide a custom ID (e.g. as part of the fieldset configuration)?
The common usecase is that you want to open an edit form with a particular fieldset opened by default.
In our case we have a content sync behavior (that could possibly appear at any position) which I want to open directly from a control panel view.

Short: No.
fieldsets are form groups as defined here, no attribute for an explizit ID here.

the template rendering the fieldset is defined here, autogenerated id from label.

the pattern pat-autotoc then generates the tabs from the ids.

IIRC the label is translated and so the ID changes over languages. One (relatively easy) way to have an fixed ID is to modify the code in a way so the msgid is used as a label.

I can not see that the current ids can be 'used for anything', so in my opinion the default behaviour should be 'something-nameofthefildset'

I guess is wrong?

A legend (level) has an id so, it would go into the if to generate a new id. Which is not what you want. You want something like, not

Anyhow, you can add a bit of jquery that after the page is loaded will check for an #anchor in the url and click on the right tab.