CSV file searchable from Plone

Is it possible to make a CSV searchable from Plone ?
(or make it searchable for Google, for that matter).

Did you check what happens when you upload a CVS as file?
Check the SearchableText content of the related brain (either through a search or through the ZMI in portal_catalog.

Nothing is found (https://api.medialog.no/v5_voorraadlijst_onderdelen_24092020.csv/view )

How do I do that in ZMI?

portal_catalog -> Contents -> Search for the related content...a click on the link will open table with the indexed content per content item

So this ?

Likely you want to provide a transformation for text/csv or just write a custom indexer or a custom content type..

Would be nice if I could include it in my add-on ( GitHub - espenmn/medialog.datatablebehavior: Add datatable js as field with behavior to Plone 5.2 ) when it is finished so I assume a custom indexer is the way to go.

It is a behavior.

Is using collective.dexteritytextindexer the way to go or is it better without. Does anyone have similar code ?