Creating a static version of a Plone site

I need to create a static HTML version of an old Plone 3.3.5 site.

Is stxnext.staticdeployment still the best plugin to use for doing this? I've tested it out, but it isn't working as expected. For example, I have an ATDocument and the body text is not being rendered in the static output, for some reason.

As an aside, the version I downloaded from PyPI via Buildout does not seem to be up to date with the GitHub version. Should I be using the version on GitHub?

Best tool is "httrack".


httrack isn't maintained anymore. not true. it's still maintained.
I'd recommend to use wget like this:

$ wget -erobots=off -mkp URL

also see:

not sure it's maintained any more:

I have not actually tried this, but the process described here makes sense:

I haven't tried this either, but it does look good:

Another partial solution:

What's probably a little different about this one is that it uses mime-type information to add file extensions.

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Ran into this old thread and thought Iā€™d add: httrack has worked really well for me recently: