Create Page with content using plone.restapi?

I went through the plone.restapi docs but I am left a bit confused. Besides creating resources, is it already possible to also set the content of for example a Page? I can see lots of other stuff is possible, and apparently there is all kinds of deserialization support so ...? But how, I did not see an example anywhere?

Yes, basic CRUD operation seems supported. See

Thanks, yes I read that, too.

Well, apparently the thing to do is first make a GET on a resource and check the result JSON for the data structure to use when doing PATCH. Not sure if that's documented somewhere. Might be useful to emphasize that somewhere in the docs, using blinking, cat-size letters...

For what it's worth, for page content, the following JSON would be sufficient:

{"text": {"data":"<h1>Hello World</h1>"}}