Create custom fromt page

Can I add the news feeds and events that I create to display in the localhost:8080/Plone ->page with my custom styles.

You can add arbitrary RSS feeds as Plone portlets to the left and right portlet slot (or footer slot).

There had been add-ons like ContentWell portlets for adding portlets to the content slot but I am not aware of any Plone 5 compatible implementation.

I am also not aware of a modern RSS feed implementation as Plone content-types in order to make an RSS available as content type and perhaps usable with Plone Mosaic.

Everything is possible™, the question is more about how much work you want to do, and how well you know Plone (and if you know anything about programming).

As said before: My personal opinion is to use Mosaic if you are new to Plone.

There are some videos around, maybe you can look at those:

If you make a picture about how you want your front-page to look we can give you suggestions.

Pointless reply ™

Where does Mosaic solve the RSS problem?

Why do you think he has a RSS problem ?

a simple page with slideshow, events list and news list

I do the slider part in my theme with collective.themingfragments /mosaic, others do it with diazo. Event list and news list can be done with Mosaic 'out of the box', there is also another add on to customize the listing (I can not remember its name).

PS: I did not bother do add any Events on this demo:

the playback failed

Define 'failed'

It is on youtube so I dont understand what you mean.

The video is not able to play: 36

Maybe you can re-upload the video.

… strange, it is playing here , anyway I added it again:

It will be here when it is finished uploading…

EDIT: Deleted (see next post)… but the original link works for me, so not sure why it does not play for others

I guess YT is not your friend today :wink: