Copying a Plone site

I copied a plone site. . If you notice there are a couple of images that are not coming. seems i am missing some trick.

for example the html for one of them is:

///p>/a title="Career Planning App for Students" href="resolveuid/bb9523125f6c4ad4b196a37458f712d1" data-linktype="internal" data-val="bb9523125f6c4ad4b196a37458f712d1">//img class="image-inline" title="I am a Student" src="resolveuid/30137ff7a8e44dc591e551670ac3756f" alt="" data-linktype="image" data-scale="" data-val="30137ff7a8e44dc591e551670ac3756f" />/a>/p>

You might have lost UUID references on copy. Please describe in full details how you "copied".

my server was compromised. so i built a new site and copyied the data.fs to the new site. i have copied the src folder. i may have missed the blobstorage. just copying that. hope it works.


I am now getting some of it after transferring the blobstorage. but not all of it. any tricks available.


I had never understood the meaning and significance of blob storage. Now i understand it the hard way. And I am a little short of shocked.

How can we live with this possibility that data can go out of sync while copying. I think it is a poor and shoddy job. This would be totally unacceptable in a mature production site.

No need to be shocked, I think you just misunderstood the docs. It just describes what may happen if you get network or disk problems during copy.

Did you notice the difference between the working and non-working images? You may try to rebuild your portal_catalog and uid_catalog through their Advanced tabs in ZMI. Let us know if it works.texto em negrito

Stopping the original site before you copy the database + blobs is a good way to ensure you get a consistent backup. An alternative no-downtime option is to first rsync the blobstorage, then the Data.fs, then rsync -au the blobstorage again.

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Maybe try copying all the blobs over again to make sure you got everything.

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