Content Import and Export

Hello @Shriyanshagro , I like the idea of the informal video chat.

I created a doodle to see if we can find a time for next week to meet, here (Make sure you choose your timezone)

Ideally, we should be @djay you and me, but anyone interested is invited to join.



@Shriyanshagro @frapell I've also created this gitter room for ongoing conversations day to day conversations after the hangout - But I'd suggest reports and demos etc be posted in this thread.

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Also, Alexander Loechel must be invited here? Possibly @cewing too?
I have updated my availability... please look into it

Yeah that would be great idea to workout!!

I already did, above

FYI for interested folks

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This is a script which imports content into Plone. it reads json files which represent exported content and zexps.
Unfortunately the sample files are from a private project so I need to find a way to sanitize that data.

The json format is from a "collective.jsonify" export.

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Just saw the webflow export. This is exactly we are aiming for. Very useful.

yup... in terms of experience, webflow sets a very high bar.

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So we have decided to use serializer and deserializer for content import and export in zope architect.
Prior experience and a working helper script with Serializers/Deserializers would be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Also I'm exploring about "Json to CSV conversion". Suggest some good libraries and ideas to start with.

@datakurre I guess you have been working with serializers for a long time, so can you help me out here?
As I'm badly stuck now due to unavailability of a documentation on Serializers/Deserializers. :confounded:

Do you have any sample code, quick experiments that you've done with serializers?
Doesn't matter if they are completely working. It would help to get an idea of your direction.

yes here it is -
Serializing is working great here but I have no idea about- data format and arguments to use for Deserializer.

So the problem is suitable import code then?

Please elaborate, what do you mean?

So you have a way of serializing the content, meaning the content gets exported as serialized JSON.
The challenge is with taking that serialized JSON and importing it back into a site. Or to put it another way, the deserializing is the missing link for getting imports working.

I was just summarizing by saying what your current problem relates to..... "suitable import code".

What have you found and read so far?

plone.restapi serializer serializes single content objects into JSON, JSON can be read into Python dictionary with built-in json module, Python dictionary can be written into a CSV with built-in csv library (also StringIO is needed to write CSV into a memory instead of a real file):

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@datakurre, @pigeonflight and @tkimnguyen
Primary challenge here is with deserializers i.e "suitable import code" Please help me with this.

JSON to CSV conversion is secondary challenge here.

@Shriyanshagro specifically what are you trying to deserialise that is missing?

Seems to support both AT and DX out of the box.