Content Creator or author inside workflow script

I have created a content by dexterity. I have written a workflow script for that content . I want the creator of the content inside the script.

I tried
creators = list(context.listCreators())

This returns an empty list .

After this I tried

if getattr(context.aq_base, 'Creators'):
   creators = list(context.Creators())
  creators = list(context.listCreators())

Even though i have given proxy as Manager for the script, This gives insufficient privileges.

Probably the same answer of mine from some days ago: CMF workflow script became broken/unreliable after Plone 2.5, not remember all details but accessing to context stopped working (or stopped working only if you use proxy?).
Try to call a browser view from the script, then move data access to that view.

Yes, is a lot more of boilerplate.