Configuring basic backup configuration


I'm using Plone 6 Classic from the Plone docker image. This is a small site and I don't configure storage outside of data.fs

I want to configure a backup system and incorporate into a Docker image

  1. i found collective.recipe.backup · PyPI which states it backs up data.fs.
  2. I know Plone uses the data.fs and possibly some external file system; however, what i remember is if you don't configure to use external files, all data are stored in the data.fs Is this correct?

Am i safe in using collective.recipe to only backup the data.fs?

thanks for any help.

Yes and no. There's the filestorage with data.fs and blobstorage. The blobstorage contains larger elements such as images, so you'd need to back it up as well.

However collective.recipe.backup · PyPI backs up both automatically, so you don't need to worry about that.

Thanks. I working with someone who can help me make this happen. thanks for your thoughts.

What is the case for plone 6 with Volto? without buildout?

I had a similar question about backups and how to use them without buildout, this is probably of interest to you

Also my post here Cookiecutter zope instance and ZEO - #10 by Esoth where I use cookiecutter as a sort of replacement for setting up config files and then use to create a script, somewhat analogous to what collective.recipe.backup was doing with buildout