Configure without ZCML by default

Is it possible to create an addon or even get into core these decorators to configure objects without ZCML?

Take a look here:
/cc @datakurre

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Obviously that's not good for public add-ons and is not very polished, but we have been using venusianconfiguration internally for years now.

sorry.. that's not so obviously to me.. why it is not good for public add-ons?

@rodfersou Because the community in general don't want yet another way to configure components (because of what happened with grok). This was discussed in plone-developers list when I was developing venusianconfiguration. Because of that, I released it only quite recently (because I needed it outside work repositories).

Also technically venusianconfiguration requires that

zcml-conf-additional = %import venusianconfiguration

in buildout, which would be different from "normal add-ons" just working.

@rodfersou Btw, if you try venusianconfiguration and have issues, please just ask. I'm not sure if I have documented all the possible use cases (some are in readme and some in demo-package in repo), but I think we have used it for every Plone ZCML use case I can think of and I can find examples.

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To put it another way. ZCML may feel a little cumbersome but in practice it is easy for others to read, understand and reason about which is worth more than the slightly rosy feeling you might have "keeping it all in python". Even though you might see yourself being only one making modifications, that might not be the case in the future. Keeping things standard counts for a lot.


@datakurre thank you very much for your reply