Comments viewlet rendered twice in Plone 5.2

In our Onkopedia portal we use a slightly customized comments portlet registered as


The standard comments viewlet is disabled.

However our comment viewlet is rendered twice. However the code of the underlaying functionality is only executed once (e.g. the has_replies() is called only once from the template).

There is no Diazo transformation in the game here (stock Barceloneta).


Any idea?

Are they both in the same viewlet manager?

Do you see anything (weird) at http://path/to/page/@@manage-viewlets ?

plone.comments and onkopedia.comments are registered within the same manager but as said: plone.comments is disabled.

So both the viewlets you see are from the same viewlet manager, and you are sure that it is 'plone.comments' you see (not a duplicate of onkopedia.comments) ?

Does /@@manage-viewlets show only one viewlet?

There is only one viewlet shown within the viewlet manager view. And said: the code/template comes from our portlet (verified).

My guess is a issue with the diazo-rules. Do you still see it twice with ?

But there is no Diazo involved here...this is with plain Barcloneta

Barceloneta is 'full of diazo rules'

Again: Do you still see it twice with ? (only works in development-mode)?

Only one comment viewlet with Diazo disabled: