Comments enabled, don't show up; likewise previous/next buttons

I'm working on a Plone 5.1.6 website based on the unified installer with the following eggs:

  • Plone
  • Pillow
  • collective.easyform
  • plonetheme.future_imperfect

Almost all of my development work has been in implementing the diazo theme.
Somewhere along the line my site lost functionality of showing comments and also the functionality of displaying previous/next options on folders with multiple objects. I didn't notice it until my look-and-feel work was almost finished.
There are no posts on the community site with similar issues.

I have tried :

  • disabling the theme and going with straight Barcelona - no change.
  • examined every check box in the site setup area that even remotely relates to enabling the two functions - they all seem to be correct.

I have not yet tried uninstalling the future imperfect theme - I want to avoid that trauma if I can.

One more thing : I have the following command in the VirtualHostMonster

This is designed to route everything to https:// on my hosted site where I do not have access to nginx or apache.

Would appreciate any thoughts - thanks in advance.

My first guess is that the rules.xml is not quite right for pulling in these elements, but since you said they don't show up in Barceloneta, that makes me less sure about that being the cause. I have not worked with comments, so I'll focus on the previous/next navigation.

Are you sure the folder has more than 20 items that the current user (logged in or anonymous) should be able to see?

View the source and search for <nav class="pagination"> to see if it is really not there or maybe it is being hidden by css.

Did you attempt to customize in any way?

@abosio - Thanks for your thoughts.

I haven't done any modifications to

I think I need to clarify that the prev / next navigation I'm talking about is that which shows up at the bottom of an object within a folder where that kind of navigation is enabled. Not like a folder contents listing. Something like:

------ THIS IS STORY 2 -----


< Story one [lots of space] Story three >

I'm getting ready to uninstall the plonetheme.future_imperfect package and see if that solves the problem. Will have to go back to the drawing board on theming if that's the case. :frowning:

Two questions:

  1. do your "unthemed" folder views display the prev/next navigation links, see on how to add a host name for which the theme is not applied. Also, in development mode, it is possible to temporarily disable the theme by appending a query string parameter

  2. if not: do your folder views use batching? Maybe you switched the default folder view along the way?

These are good questions - thanks. I get mixed results using the advanced settings in diazo, and in development mode adding ? to my URL has no effect.

I haven't made any view or template changes at all. The Dexterity profile for Folder includes a checkbox for "allow previous / next navigation" and all Site Settings and local folder settings seem to be turned on.

I'm going to proceed with uninstalling the theme and doing a re-build and see where that gets me.

Thanks for the clarification.

Since both of these elements appear after the body content, it makes me wonder if it is something to do with the diazo rules, but if you say it is reproducible with, then that points elsewhere.

Something else you could try on a local instance is create a second Plone site and don't install your custom theme. Just check and see if those elements appears as expected in a "clean" Plone site on the same instance. Then install/activate the theme and see if they disappear.

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I just realized that the prev/next navigation viewlet can also be switched on or or off here: http://localhost:8080/Plone/@@manage-viewlets Probably worth checking.

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Bingo. The viewlets show up fully enabled. This helps me know what to look for in the rules file.
Viewlet: plone.nextprevious
Viewlet: plone.comments

Thanks !

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