Coming soon content rule doesnt work in Plone


For coming soon content rule (version 1.6),

it fails as follows: on the product configuration panel, when a content type is added using the "Portal Type", then saved - the selected content type is lost. thus can't assign content types

I previously had this content rule working on plone 5.0.x however, doesn't work on Plone Has anyone else had this experience? Does it work in a later version of Plone 5. Note: I looked at the produt page above and seems like no recent version has been released.

If this is a bug, I'll add it to the proper location

Try it with 5.1 latest and get back to us.

Nobody cares about some old version like

And means „does not work“ exactly?

I'm not sure how to understand this reply.

  1. are you seriously suggesting that "some old version like" is too old to be supported?
  2. as for your question regarding: "Does not Work" I thought this was clear:

I appreciate you volunteering your time in responding - I know you answer a lot of questions and you may get frustrated with what an experienced Ploner like yourself see as obious.

I believe the coming soon is an important addition to Plone and I will get back when i have a chance to test on later versions.

The latest Plone 5.1 release is 5.1.5 and not some bugfix release that was obviously created short after the 5.1 release. Test your problem with 5.1.5 first instead of using some version inbetween.


OK. will do

I upgraded to 5.1.5 and the link feature doesn't work.

using the Plone test site:

i was able to confirm that the link feature does work in 5.2 .

i will next see if I can upgrade my site to 5.2