support for Plone 5.0.6, 5.1 (coredev)


I have an add-on that depends on, which is broken by a minor change in exportimport in Products.DCWorkflow 2.2.5 (just included in Plone 5.0.6, also in 5.1 coredev).

I would like to get on barring an objections? If folks are ok with it, I will import svn trunk/branches/tags into a git repository such that I can fix. Beyond that, if this works out, we may want an updated release?


CC: @optilude @mauritsvanrees

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Fine to import in the github collective.
I see someone has already imported it to their personal repository:
I have not checked if it is complete.

Note that if you want to import this package (or another package) yourself, please don't use the standard github importer: it will just take ages because it needs to read the entire subversion collective. I have a copy of the collective in a VirtualBox, plus some scripts around git2svn that help here. So if someone needs a package imported, give me a shout.

My impression of that change history (which only tracked/imported svn trunk) was that its contribution of substance was adding Site Administrator role to testing. I am almost tempted to overhaul the tests to use plone.testing (and get rid of PTC dependency) and make a parallel change myself.

Sure, consider this a (gentle) shout, then. If you are willing to create and import into, I will start making compatibility and test changes.

Thank you.


Hello, I am facing the same issue ( though in plone 4.3.14 ) ( I saw this message after opening an issue on github )
Has the issue been fixed ?



I have not worked on this yet, but the workaround is simply pinning Products.DCWorkflow to 2.2.4 in your build.

I will try to take a look soon at fixing for compatibility with latest DCWorkflow.

It added support for setting actbox_category to something else than "workflow". I recall we needed that for being able to define parallel workflows.