Collective.texttospeech 1.0b1 relesed

I want to announce that we have released collective.texttospeech, a package that enables speech synthesis in Plone.

It is currently based on ResponsiveVoice, an HTML5-based Text-To-Speech library designed to add voice features to web sites across multiple platforms.

ResponsiveVoice supports 51 languages through 168 voices and is free for non-commercial use.

Current release (patched) is installed in the Brazilian-Portuguese version of the Olympics site, where you can find it enabled on news articles.

We have identified some issues that need to be fixed and we expect to have a new release in the following days.

issue tracker:

If you are interested in this feature, let us know.

Share and enjoy!

PS: bonus points: it should work under Plone 5… test it!


Wouah that's huge!

First time I discovered Zope and the ZODB, I had the strange feeling that, compare to regular SQL based system, ZOPE objects were actual living beings, like small animals living in the ZODB (ZODB starts like "zoo" right?).

And now they can talk to me.
So now I know my initial feeling was right.


cool thing!