Collective.solr and solr version

For those who are using collective.solr to index and search plone content, which solr version are you using? The latest release of collective.recipe.solrinstance 6.0.0b3 only supports Solr up to version 4.10.6 and 5.0/5.1, but not the latest (maintained solr versions).

The solr training at last years Plone Conference in Boston ( was also using solr 4.10.X using collective.recipe.solrinstance so I assume that's a stable and 'suggested' way of using solr with Plone. Or is it?

I'm asking this because at a preview instance we're sporadically seeing problems with solr on a medium Plone instance (5000 documents). where the search results page reports that "the solr search server is currently unreachable, so no results could be found". Solr itself is however not reporting any problems, I've tried to set up monitoring, but the monitoring intervals are probably to big to spot any problems. Solr seems to be gone for 10-30 seconds and then working again. So it's hard to catch and I'm wondering if an upgrade to solr is the best shot at solving this instead of trying to fix an unmaintained Solr version.

There are quite a bit of commits/fixes on collective.recipe.solrinstance since 6.0.0b3, Is anybody using the receipe with a private release from master with newer Solr versions?

Hi @fredvd

The problem with newer versions of Solr is the multicore support, which is not supported by any released version of collective.solr AFAIK. I use a fork of c.solr with multicore support. You can find it at I plan to create a PR for collective but I didn't find the time to clean up and fix the tests.
I don't know if there are any other missing pieces for using c.solr with a more recent version of Solr. It might just work. I never had any issues with Solr 4.10 so far. If you try a newer version, can you give me feedback please?


@tomgross, @fredvd Solr has a new setup since solr 5.3 which did not work with collective.recipe.solrinstance but if you setup an own instance with a schema working for plone thats no problem. The described multicore problem is not really a problem, it collective.solr works out of the box with multicore solr instances, but you have to name directly a core to use, as 5.0 removed the default core lookup.