Collective.cover and releases

Special note on collective.cover.

Looking at the list of releases:

There is not a single final release, only alpha and beta releases....should I laugh or should I cry?


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five years ago I was working with some young and very talented developers on some projects that lead us to produce a dozen add-ons we were willing to share with the community we love. I had almost no experience on managing OSS products and I was easier to impress.

when I announced one of those add-ons on the Product Developers list, I received a comment for an old time Zope/Plone contributor about the quality of the release:

as I was willing to learn, I took this person's comments seriously, even as I didn't like his manners.

so, yes, you better laugh at this because you're the only one to blame :rofl:

collective.cover will have a final release when all issues that I (the current add-on manager) consider have to be fixed before a final release; and that is not going to happen any time soon, no matter what other people think about it.

I'm pretty proud of the way I have managed the release cycle over the years with almost no regressions and very few issues.

thanks for your comments; I'm always able to extract something good out of them, even as sometimes is really difficult :wink:

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