Collective.collectionfilter and album view

Does anyone know what it takes to get collective.collectionfilter to work with 'album_view' or something similar?

Does anyone know what it takes

Some templating- and development skill. :slight_smile:

Collectionfilter it is 'just' a filter on a collection that is updated dynamically. If you change the view on that collection, it will have a different layout. I assume you know this and you have set the collection to album view. What happens, it doesn't work?

I have used collectionfilter to list custom contenttypes that for example display dynamich graphs using javascript, you can do about everything in a custom collection template.

The result "is empty".

I have made several templates that I use with collection filter before, but I am uncertain about how the album view gets the images (especially for the folders )

To test, I used Folders with images and made the sorting on tags (Subject).

This does not work if the folder is tagget with a keyword, but it works if one of the images in the folder ALSO is tagged with the same keyword.