Collection search on relative date, bug?

I'm trying to create a collection with some relative date criteria and it looks like the UI is missing some things that should be there. In particular I am talking about the "Within next/last" and "Before/After relative date" options. I have screen shots from 5.0.5 here and

Within Last - I guess this is supposed to be number of days? That seems to work. This page suggests it should say "days" at the end, but it does not.
Before relative date - this looks like something failed to render. No value I enter here seems to work, but I suspect some complex widgets are meant to render.

I also tried Plone 5.1rc1 via and it looks like the same behavior there as well.

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I added an issue here regarding more or less same problem as yours,

We will work on this in the future but I do not exactly know when...