Collect statistics

There is an effective tool for collecting traffic statistics from the pages of a Plone 5 website?
Thanks in advance.

Any reason you dont want to use google analytics ?


Matomo (former Piwik) is the way to go.

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Google Analytics, from my point of view, has two major drawbacks:

  1. GA conducts the sampling of the collected data. So the statistics that you have does not concern the whole of the frequentations
  2. More serious is the problem of ownership and confidentiality of data with GA.
    Thanks anyway for your suggestion.

Thank you for your indication.
I watched this software, it seems very interesting indeed.
Originally, I would like to know if there was not a tool, a plugin or an extension
of plone allowing to directly collect the statistics under plone without going through the server
web in front of plone.
Maybe it is possible to do this with Matomo via a plugin. I will see that closely.
Once again thank you.

Old and rusty, but we used Awstats and created this simple addon about seven years ago.
It think needs some update work to make it work in Plone 5.x and Python 3, but thats not rocket-science.

It still runs in some older 4.3 sites for us. Just as an idea whats possible else with some simple tools. But today, with more JavaScript in the frontend, tools like Matomo are better suited than Awstats.

No need for a plugin, just include the javascript in the page. It can analyze also the logs, but numbers can be quite different from javascript if you don't exclude bots.

For now I am still with python 2.7.16 on Windows but actually plone 5.1.5.
Thanks anyway for your answer.

Thank you for your answer and your clarifications.
Indeed, when I go to this address:, in the paragraph "Content Management Systems",
I click on Plone, and I arrive at this page: https: // "Site Configuration"
Then "site settings".
Finally in the section: "Javascript for web statistics support"
We ask ... "Paste the provided code snippet here" ...
Where can I find the Javascript code?
Thank you in advance for your help.

you've to install matomo somewhere and get the code from it, when you add a site to track in Matomo.