CMFPlone 5.2.x: AttributeError: custom_css


Just got the latest from 5.2.x branch on CMFPlone and looks like I'm missing a registry key? My buildout broke.

I don't see an upgrade step to add 'custom_css' to the registry.
Can you give some advice? I'm not sure how to get my 5.2.2 running again just yet. I could shove a registry value into IThemeSettings.custom_css but checking with you first.

  File "/repos/plone5.2_laotest/rfasite/rfasite/src/Products.CMFPlone/Products/CMFPlone/resources/browser/", line 164, in styles
    if self.custom_css:
  File "/repos/plone5.2_laotest/rfasite/rfasite/src/Products.CMFPlone/Products/CMFPlone/resources/browser/", line 94, in custom_css
    return self._theme_settings.custom_css
  File "/repos/plone5.2_laotest/rfasite/rfasite/cache/eggs/plone.registry-1.1.5-py3.6.egg/plone/registry/", line 49, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError(name)
AttributeError: custom_css

If you use the latest 4.1.0, this package has an upgrade step.
This is automatically applied when you run the steps on the @@plone-upgrade page.

If you had already done the Plone upgrade earlier, before this upgrade step was available, then you can run it by going to portal_setup, Upgrades tab, look for the profile, and apply its upgrade steps.

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