CMFEditions file size limit

We have a client using Plone 5.2.x that wants to use on File content. Files above ~26MB throw an error for being over some (possibly arbitrary) limit. Is there any way to adjust this limit? I understand very large files could be a storage problem, but this seems low.

I did find this page (12 years old!) on google CMFEditions File Size Limit. I'd imagine some if not most of those concerns are moot in modern Plone. At the very least I think we need to fix the behavior so that the user doesn't get a nasty error message.

You can actually change the limit in the Zope Management Interface. Go to http://localhost:8080/Plone/portal_modifier/manage_main
You can see several 'modifiers' there, which may influence CMFEditions.

One modifier is AbortVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages . Two options: either disable it or increase the maximum file size. The description of the maximum gives the advice to not make it higher than about 32 MB, but I guess this is no hard limit.

If you choose to disable this modifier, you could enable another one instead: SkipVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages . It also has a maximum. When the name is a correct indicator of what it actually does, this should mean that files below 26 MB are versioned just fine, and larger files simply do not get versioned. You should not get an error anymore.

There are a few other enabled modifiers which have 'Blob' in their name. It could very well be that the two modifiers above are only really useful for Archetypes content, or in general: file content which does not use blobs. It might be good to disable AbortVersioningOfLargeFilesAndImages by default in Plone 6. But I have not tried.

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