Changing the name of the site owner

The contact form of a Plone 5 site says that you can use this form to contact the “site owner”. How can I replace the string “site owner” by something else?

If you have access to the file system, you could hack it by modifying this file:

Or you could modify the translation file(s) to change the wording.

Or if you have access to the file system and don't want to hack it :slight_smile: then you can create an add-on and use to override the template.

But yeah it would be nice to have that be more configurable through a control panel!

Aha! It sounded familiar.

Make contact form extensible. This fixes [timo]

...but that may not include changing the wording (only adding fields)

You could make a new form (with the same name) with Products.FormGern or collective.easyform.

This would replace the default.