Changed documentation locations

I'm not sure about the functionality of that ansible-playbook and the local-configure.yml file. Does this require merging, deployment, reload or the like?

IMO, for documentation we should have something much more agile.
Zope allows to traverse the subpath. Why not have Python methods which do so, and check for matches in a relational table?
E.g., we could have a documentation script, living in the root of, which of course knows about its name, and checks the table for an exact match for documentation and the subpath. If there is such a match, a redirection to the new location is performed (Plone 4 version, I'd say, because those old pages will almost certainly refer to Plone 4 or earlier). If there is no such exact match, (after a little "sorry" message) a form could be presented where the user can suggest a redirection target; administrators can view those targets and choose the best one.

Redirections which swallow path information (like /products to /download) are evil and should be removed. They are worse than nothing.

One more broken link:

I don't know the new location, thus I can't create a pull request.
Anyway, IMO we should be able to collect broken links (and the new locations) without them; see my suggestion about the database-based solution.

One more broken link:

If someone else were able to file issues in the docs repo that would be great! Tobias, thank you for finding these, but unless they're tracked at your detective work will get lost in the shuffle.

Wildcard has kindly donated regular reports for and, and I'm actively fixing issues on but haven't enough time to manage the fixes for But I see quickly above that Sven is running broken link checks on already. I don't know who's actively fixing what's found in those reports.

Ok, I created an issue for the broken links.

Additionally I created another issue about that RDB-based redirection solution I sketched above.

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why you don't just install Products.RedirectionTool in the Plone site? that's the right tool for the task.

and BTW, this is still pending:

But this is about site-internal redirections, right? AFAICS, our main problem is to make those URLs, and the like work again, by providing useful redirections ... and those are cross-site.

yes, you're right: I just tested and Products.RedirectionTool deals with internal redirections only.

There is another issue: Broken links in

However, here are several comments collecting broken links, so I'll keep it that way.

Broken link:, found on (Plone 4 and Plone 5 versions).
The "new" location is; I'll see into creating a pull request.
Perhaps it would be possible to establish a subpath-preserving permanent redirection from to; who would be able to do this?

Lots of links are broken. If you go to for example and try to go to each question and each link provided by the users you would be surprised.

If you're really interested in collecting all possible broken links, maybe the stackexchange api will be nice. Get the ids from all questions tagged Plone in, use these ids to get the answers in and the comments and then extract all links from all answers and comments and check which one of them is broken.

The are now all broken, see Are we still using for an explanation.

@hvelarde it's ok... if people want RedirectionTool in core, they can just install CastleCMS