Change title tag from inside view class

when I go on configure.zcml and put a new browser:page I set the


Can I change the title of the page from inside the class? on init or call or something ?

When I remember right, the title is presented by a viewlet (this may depend on the Plone version) -- you could use manage_viewlets to check whether this is indeed the case. Viewlets adapt (among other things) the view. Thus, a specialized viewlet could obtain the title value from the view class.

If for example this is for a custom content type, you could consider overriding the viewlet for (just) that .

You will need to register it for something like



If it is the page title you mean, the (viewlet) template could have something like:


if you define

det get_the_title:
    return "something"

with "something" I ment other methods, since I was referencing the class associated with the view.

What you suggested will change the title for all pages.

I want to change the title only on this one page.

When you create a page using just the zcml as I explained, and go see in the browser, the title shown is "Plone site"

It will change the title for all pages that 'that is somewhat different' than others (like a custom content type).

If it is just for one page you could maybe put some logic in it ?

I think the viewlet that renders it is:

Which gets the title from:

Thanks, but it will not work for my case.

Since it's not possible from the class I will hack some js to do that.