Capital letters in ids (urls) Plone 5.2

Is there an easy way to allow capital letters in urls in Plone 5.2

(I am copying some xhtml files from somewhere else that are linked to)

If not, should I make a apache rewrite rule or do I use a module (mod_spelling ??) to change this, can maybe other stuff ( . to - etc)

Current rule

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$$1 [L,P]

Using a RewriteRule would only work for urls that have the wrong case, but should work just fine (tm).

Another option would be to go to the URL Management controlpanel and add some redirects there. It allows for case sensitive URLs!

Thanks, I did it in the URL Management control panel (it was 'just 150 urls', so (grep) search / replace and a CSV file was easier to figure out.