Can't add content in Plone 5.1rc2 site

I have a Plone site that started in Plone 5.0.7 that I have migrated to 5.1rc2. I can edit existing content, but when I try to add new content, the ++add++ page loads without a form. Happens with all Dexterity content types.


  • No errors happen on the backend (even if I remove all ignored exception types)
  • no JS errors
  • happens with Diazo disabled
  • happens if I clear the data and start with a fresh site

I'm working on taking out add-ons until I can add content, but haven't had any luck so far. Below are the add-ons I still have that are not in a working 5.1rc2 site. Anyone have any ideas of which might be causing a problem?

certifi 2017.11.5
chardet 3.0.4
five.formlib 1.0.4
idna 2.6
oauthlib 2.0.6 1.0
Products.CMFDefault 2.2.4
Products.PloneHotfix20171128 1.0
Products.signalstack 1.0rc2
python_twitter 3.3
requests 2.18.4
requests_oauthlib 0.8.0
threadframe 0.2
urllib3 1.22
webcouturier.dropdownmenu 3.0.1
z3c.deadlockdebugger 0.2
z3c.jbot 0.7.2 4.0.2
zope.configuration 3.8.0
zope.formlib 4.0.6

And then as soon as I post this I find it :slight_smile:

It was CMFDefault