Cannot reinstall “EEA Faceted Navigation”

When I was learning plone training 29, I needed to install a plone plugin "eea.facetednavigation". I buildout "eea.facetednavigation" and can see "EEA Faceted Navigation" in the Add-ons of the website. Then, I click Install to install "EEA Faceted Navigation" and I can see "Enable faceted Navigation" on the action of the toolbar of a new folder. But after I uninstalled "EEA Faceted Navigation" and reinstalled it, I suddenly found that the "Enable faceted Navigation" option no longer appeared on the Action, even if I created a new folder.
I was just confused why the addon did not work after I reinstalled "EEA Faceted Navigation".I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Thanks for your advice.Yes, I follow your suggestion and check this option. But it still not show "Enable faceted navigation" in Actions of tool bar.:thinking:

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Hi, @zhouwuji. Have you found a solution to this issue? I am with the same problem and I cannot see the possibility of enabling a faceted navigation for a folder, even after enabling it in the /dexterity-types/Folder/@@behaviors suggested by @espenmn .

I am using Plone 5.2.4.

There is an open issue for this, Uninstalling and reinstalling the product in Plone · Issue #125 · eea/eea.facetednavigation · GitHub

There is a solution that seems to still be working

as a quick fix you can go to ZMI > portal_setup > Import Tab and import EEA Faceted Navigation Common Configuration

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Slightly off topic, but before putting too much work into this, I would consider using collective.collectionfilter, which does a lot of the same. Collectionfilter is smaller and easier to set up / style, and I think that it will mostly do the same.

Thank you for the solution and for pointing out the issue on GitHub! At the end, I couldn't test your solution because I recovered the database (it was on the staging environment, so no big issue).

I will try this solution on my local instance just for testing.

@espenmn thank you also for the suggestion, I will try this add-on for possibly use in another project.