Can we get a Plone 5 b3 release?

Hi All(mostly release team),

It'd be great to have it out before the anniversary sprint so we don't get spurious bug reports leading up to it.

What would be really neat is if we could somehow setup completely automated releases on a schedule. plone.releaser is already rather amazing. Wonder if we could add in those bits some day :smile:


Hi Nathan,

we are still working on merging the "edit member schema ttw" that we really would like to include in the next beta:

We made some progress lately, but we are still fighting with some nasty test isolation problems.

A completely automated release process is something that we are working on since quite some time now. We made some good progress, but there are still many things left to do. In the end our goal is that making a release means just pushing a button. We are always looking for people to help. :slight_smile: