Can a new variable to added to the ADD MAIL ACTION

Hello, I use content rules to send out emails. I've come across a new requirement that I can't solve.

In addition to the variables provided that can be added to the email (e.g. ${absolute_url}) I want to be able to insert a variable I will define somewhere on my site. I then want this variable to be insertable into the email sent out. Ideally the variable name would display with the other variables listed.

Can this be done?

It's at this point I'd start looking at a scriptable content action like rapido provides. There are probably other plugins that give you TAL templates for emails in a content rule too. Then you can access a lot more in the plone site such as potentially the registry.

This is doable OOTB in Plone with minimal programming activity, take a look at plone.stringinterp.

thanks I'll look into this

appreciate the help