Calendar view in Plone 5

What are the options (i any) if I want a 'folder calendar view' in Plone 5 ?

Also: is it possible to render the calendar portlet in a browser view (in content core)

Implementing a read-only calendar view on top of some JS module like Fullcalendar should be straight forward.

Hi Espen,

If I understand your question correctly, this may be useful to you:


"Runs with Plone 4.1, 4.2."

It would appear that the docs need updating.

Since this PR it works with Plone 5:

Happy days... :smile:

While sometimes the documentation and metadata can be out of date, one can see on our packages from the test-*.cfg files against which Plone versions we are still testing the package in question. Our CI infrastructure picks those up per push.

Thanks a lot!

Works very well indeed.

The default styling could maybe be improved a little, if this is something you want I can take a look at it.

Update: it did not work as well as a thought.
Recurring events are not shown and Events always shows as 'full day'.

I wrote a browser view, feel free to ping me if anyone needs the code

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