Buildout, wheels and Plone (6?)

I did notice that there has been a lot of recent development to have wheels support into buildout. Also zest.releaser has supported releasing wheels already some time for now (years already?).

Has anyone tried that yet in any non-Plone project and what could be the benefits now and in the long run? (For obvious reasons, there's not much wheels in Plone dependencies yet.)

Every time I install some wheels with pip, it's way faster, that's one of the promises of wheels anyway. I haven't had the time to play with them, but indeed it would be cool to check if this new buildout extension to use wheels does work for Plone as well.

I will propose to the release team to start releasing wheels as well. Until we have some around we will not be able to check if things do work and improve the situation.

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If this is the extent of it, I find the "pros" to be rather pedantic :slight_smile:

The main benefit is that one does not need to compile the distribution, thus easier to install and faster.

The other is that, as the tome passes, more and more packages are only realeased as wheels.

Perfect example: numpy

may I ask why you find "pedantic" to be PEP compliant?