Buildout Error 4.3.1

Also, which Windows version?

Sure I can do that. Yes that is the buildout I used and I have Windows 7 64 bit. I will let you know the outcome.



Buildout results

Restart in the foreground

There are errors and the server did not restart or at least the windows Plone service is running but I cannot connect to localhost:8080. I guess the server is not?

I am using the windows 4.3.1 Plone windows 64 bit installation. The install is automatic, it installs and you can go directly to a webpage right after the installation, normally.

When I have used addons in the past it is normal to run buildout, go to the maintenance page and restart the zope server to be able to see and use the addon. In this case I perform those exact steps but the restart never completes. This time I made sure that dexterity content was enabled before the buildout.


Didn't we mention before that that add on was written and tested on Plone 5 only?

Yes, and that was why I installed Ubuntu and Plone 5. I thought you were wanting to test so I was going to help out.. It is working great.


lol of course - sorry... lost the thread and context there :slight_smile:

No problem, I have done the same myself and I can see you are a very busy person.

Thanks @Barry will try to replicate this