Buildout and depend package installation

I rewrote the question so that it was more correct.

How to point the Buildout to use a dependency packages, not site-packages of python ?

I'm use 'buildout' command and my Buildout checked package eggs.
After that it seen version mismatch by current mr.developer1.37 in /python/site-packages and have a needed mr.developer1.18 as dependency at buildout.cfg. Error throwing.

buildout.cfg by

extends =
parts =
develop = .
extensions =
sources = sources
versions = versions
sources-dir = extras
auto-checkout =

[versions] = =
diazo = 1.0.3

recipe = z3c.recipe.staticlxml
egg = lxml==${versions:lxml}

repoze = git://
lxml = git://
plone = git://
svn_plone =
collective = git://
svn_collective =

diazo = git ${remotes:plone}/diazo.git
plone.resource = git ${remotes:plone}/plone.resource.git
plone.subrequest = git ${remotes:plone}/plone.subrequest.git
plone.transformchain = git ${remotes:plone}/plone.transformchain.git
repoze.xmliter = git ${remotes:repoze}/repoze.xmliter.git
lxml = git ${remotes:lxml}/lxml.git
plone.resourceeditor = git ${remotes:plone}/plone.resourceeditor.git = git ${remotes:plone}/ = git ${remotes:plone}/

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
eggs =
user = admin:admin
resources = ${buildout:directory}/resources

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =
interpreter = zopepy

recipe = zc.recipe.testrunner
eggs =
diazo [test] [test] [test]
plone.resource [test]
plone.resourceeditor [test]
plone.subrequest [test] [test]
defaults = ['--auto-color', '--auto-progress']

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =
diazo [wsgi]

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = z3c.coverage
arguments = ('coverage', 'report')

recipe = collective.recipe.omelette
eggs = ${instance:eggs}

Somehow you have mr.developer installed globally. This is going to make your life hard.
Try to clean up your site-packages and try again!

If this doesn't work, then try a virtualenv without site-packages and run run bootstrap within that env.

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Are you using the Unified Installer? Which OS?

Ubuntu uses. Not apply unified installer yet. I do that for creating worked runtime to having knowledge about some plone addons. If unified installer is helpful for development functionalityes I will to use it!

I'm reading and I did separate installation uses virtualenv which install zc.buildout packet.

Needed to clearense are differents between running and Buildout. I have different results at console now. May be are order of is the main thing ?

as @jaroel mentioned, seems you have mr.developer installed on your system Python; that should not happen.

first, remove the offending mr.developer: just erase the whole egg directory; you don't need it and it should not be there.

now install your Plone 4.1 by bootstrapping Buildout using python (that was the only documented way at the time).

mr.developer is pinned to 1.18 in the versions.cfg file of your Plone, but you can use a newer one if you want.

also, if you want to use a newer zc.buildout you probably need to update setuptools.

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