Build out on turnkey vm plone (4.3)

Greetings all...
Newbie here.

I successfully have a plone 4.3 installation up and running with turnkey vm appliance.
When I am trying to add add-ons I am confused about buildout.
All documentation talk about buildout.cfg but none of them mention where is this file located.
Help ?

Apparently I am not very good with linux.
Thanks in advance.

What instructions did you follow to install?

Add the addon name on buildout.cfg and run bin/buildout.
But I couldn't find the file ? has been shutdown. You've to dowload this:, unpack it, find your correct version of good-py, delete good-py extends entries in buildout.cfg and add the version of packages in [version] section of buildout.cfg.

I did this recently.

Plone community: please create a static version with the former tar.gz of good-py and tell people to replace good-py entries with the new address. That would help a lot in such cases. Or register the site again, maybe, with static content?

I haven't gone that far but thanks for the heads up...
I'm begining to suspect the plone installation i have didn't come with buildout.
How do I install buildout specifically in plone 4.3, environment ?

search for a file called buildout.cfg in the vm. Basically, do a ps auxw | grep zope or | grep plone and look at the path it shows, it should be somewhere there.

Think I solve it...
I give up searching and aim to create one.
Follow this and I finally got everything... the cfg and the folders.

To install how ever you need a recipe which is NEVER mention in any of the add-on installation too.
It is meant for specific version of zope and python... but on plone 4.3 this works :

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance

Type it under [instance] along with the eggs.

Thanks for the tips though Yuri... will try to search...

Ok... REALLY solved it.
Yuri you are right it was built-in. I finally found it !
its under /usr/locals/share/plone

Now I have to undo the damage I done.

Please see The app has shut down