Build fail issues
Here is a fork of the bobtemplates.plone repo. I've created a template to render views.There are a number of failed tests. What would be the best way to rectify this? I'd be glad if anyone could help me out as I would like to create templates for viewlets as well.

Start by actually reading the failure output.

Yeah I've looked into the output. I've actually been commiting to the wrong repo.That's why there were many failed tests!

Could you help me out in another query?
Suppose if I'm creating an add-on for plone, would the best practice be to commit it to a fork of the collective repo??

Looking at the Appveyor failure output on line 29, you're getting:
ERROR: C:\projects\bobtemplates-plone\bobtemplates\plone\view\tests\ Imports are incorrectly sorted.

You can fix this by running the following command within the project root:
isort --recursive bobtemplates/

You first need to install isort though, which can be done with the help of pip as:
pip install isort

@meshde Thank you very much! As @Rotonen has said, I read the console output on my local machine and figured out the isort import error! I guess the templates will now be working perfectly and the build tests will pass!