Bug report: User Search in Site Setup breaks #1946

I left this bug report and it still open since Feb 7. Can anyone help me with this?

that doesn't seem to be a problem in Plone but a problem with your site.

if you check the error log it's saying that the rolemakers variable is None and that can only happen if there are no plugins installed there with the IRolesPlugin interface.

please create a brand new vanilla Plone site, add some users and test again; if no error is shown, compare what's inside the acl_users/plugins folder:

Well I should have added that I am using pasldap to get the users from AD. The pasldap plugin is installed, it works in sharing as stated... Searching for user in @@usergroup-userprefs throws an error while searching for the same user in @@sharing proceeds fine. So if it wasn't installed both would fail.

please migrate the issue to the pas.plugins.ldap issue tracker.