Blog addon for Plone 5?

Hi Ploners!

I found a lot of blog engine addons for Plone at But don't see any of them being adopted to new Plone 5 version.

Anybody knows what blog addon works for new plone?

Thank you!

If you go to there is a link now to Plone 5 and Plone compatible add-ons that are hosted on pypi. That is the full list. However, until add-on maintainers update the keywords for their add-on, it may be that the add-on works with Plone 5 but hasn't been listed that way.

The full list of Plone compatible add-ons is at

and if you search for "blog" these ones come up that are likely to work with P5, especially if you add Archetypes to your P5 site:

You can always nudge the maintainer of a package by creating a new issue in their repo and asking them to update their add-on (either to test / fix / re-classify).

Do take a close look at the capabilities of the built-in news system + collections. You may not need any add-on!


This describes how you can make a blog out of the news items that come with Plone.

Or, you could simply rename your site's News folder to "Blog".

What features are you looking for?

Plone OOTB does a decent job for blogging.

  • Create a collection that pulls in news items with sorting
  • turn on syndication
  • turn on commenting(install captcha support) or integrate disquis into your theme

Seems like low hanging fruit for a "blog" distribution. Basically a buildout/installer with all the settings (discussed above) enabled out of the box (OOTB).

OK, if someone comes up with a buildout, preferably based on the UI-Installer, I will create an image :smile:

This sounded like a fun side project for 2016 so I volunteered the name "Plaything", because ... (you know)... Plone...

So I set up something in github:

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It looks like Quills is the most advanced one. But the latest release was around 2009, so I think it won't work with Plone higher than 3.

Will check other addons. Thank you!

I'd also like to have archive-like urls structure. E.g. year, month, etc... Is it possible with default Plone 5 features?

I cant think how to get that with no plugins. I suspect the easiest way to get that right now is rapido as it has a built-in adapter to create a content rule. A short script using plone.api as a on creation action should create the folders you want and move the content and then redirect.

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For folder paths based on dates, take look at

I have used groupbydate in the past.

Quills 1.8a1 works fine with Plone 4.3. I released 1.8 last week but I think there is a problem with it, so stick with 1.8a1.

It looks like collective.contentrules.yearmonth isn't ready for Plone 5.
When I try to launch a Plone 5 instance with collective.contentrules.yearmonth installed I get the following:

ImportError: No module named form.widgets.uberselectionwidget

If you do go this way it looks like you'll need to port it to z3c.form from formlib

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So what needs a software to be called a blog?
Lets collect the features:

  • items with image(s), visible publication date and author (NewsItem, byline enabled)
  • listing of this items sorted newest first, paginated (collection),
  • archive sorted/filtered by year/month/(day) (best visible that way in url) addon has this.
  • tags (core feature, nice search in collective.routes)
  • feeds (core feature of plone)
  • search (core feature)

What is missing?

for tag filtering - if this is a requirement - i suggest to look at collective.portlet.collectionfilter:

it allows filtering the collection results by subject or any other catalog metadata column. facetted support is planned.

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A definite +1 for using routes instead of "physically" moving the items to folders, I'd agree with using collective.routes.

Although I personally try to avoid them, comments are often considered a key feature for blogs. I assume that for public blogs, this would be done via integrating,, Facebook or the like.

I am going to have to take a look at collective.routes.

The Plone discussion system can work, however I'd want a minimum of a working captcha system. Not sure if there's one for Plone 5 yet.

Okay... I can confirm that collective.z3cform.norobots works on Plone 5.